Facial Rejuvenation and Treatment





Surgical procedures for men and women (Face Lifting; Rhinoplasty and Otoplasty) are performed by plastic surgeons in a high standard operating room.

Most advanced non-surgical techniques are performed by experienced dermatologists and cosmetic practitioners with proven long-term results.


Ultherapy: Face, Neck and Décolleté LIFTING


Ultrasound procedure stimulating the production of new collagen and elastin, deep within the skin (focused ultrasound energy delivery at depths of up to 4.5mm, reaching the same layer as in a surgical facelift).



Proven results reveal a lifting and tightening of the skin with no downtime over 2-3 months. Improvements continue up to 6 months and have been reported to last more than a year following the procedure.

Neck Before

After 360 days

Chin Before

After 180 days

Décolleté Before

After 180 days



Sublative Rejuvenation and Focused Wrinkles Reduction


Assures a smoother, rejuvenated appearance and a reduction in fine lines, wrinkles, striae, skin laxity and irregularities.





Post 2 Treatments

Focused Wrinkles Reduction is the strongest and most focused treatments of deep wrinkles, skin texture and pore size.



Botox and Dermal Fillers


Proven efficient techniques to plump thin lips and provide a natural, soft and subtle enhancement of the face.
Exclusively performed by dermatologists and plastic surgeons.



Acne scars treatment


If your acne is leaving scars on your skin, you don’t have to bear it. Safe and effective treatment for acne scars begin with a consultation.
At CK Medical Center, dermatologists provide you with effective treatment and minimal downtime.

Acne scars treatment dramatically improves texture, tone, scars and laxity through fractionated bi-polar radio frequency technology.


Visible blood vessels, Brown spots and Age spots treatment


  • Efficient treatment delivers energy to both superficial (epidermis) and deep (dermis) layers of the skin without any damage.
  • It efficiently and safely removes visible blood vessels, brown spots, age spots and even rosacea and melasma.
  • Injections can also minimize visible blood vessels condition.



Chemical peels


  • Exfoliates rough skin to reveal softer, smoother and brighter appearance.
  • Minimizes the signs of ageing, assists in the relief of oil-prone skin, manages sensitive skin and softens dehydrated skin types.
  • With continued use, Chemical peels can reverse damage caused by the sun.





Provides spectacular results through deep insertion of active solutions (antioxidants, vitamins, ...) with a needle-free method.
Mesotherapy is recommended for:

  • Anti-Ageing and Skin Rejuvenation benefits;
  • Pigmentation problems and skin brightening;
  • Reduction of double chins and fatty Eye Bags.




Efficiently removes surface skin cells, imperfections, blemishes and hyperpigmentation leaving your skin much smoother.
Crystalpeel is recommended for Acne-prone, Oily and Thick skin.  A fine crystal powder blasts across the skin's surface to physically break up and exfoliate dead skin, revealing a new layer of skin.  
Crystalpeel is ideal for unclogging pores and freeing skin from bacteria.


Highest quality of make-up


At CK Medical Center, it's our pleasure to fully complete your medical beauty care.
Licensed and experienced beauticians provide you with the highest quality of make-up to enhance the beauty of your face.